Guandong is an important link in the modern and complex distribution chain in the market of digital printing, by offering innovative and qualified products in line with the requirements and regulations and norms of the great and varied European market.

Our mission? “To connect the World-wide most qualified digital media producers with the best European distributors and OEM”

An in-depth knowledge of raw material formula, a good system for the monitoring of the market and a proper R&D department are all essential points to pursue this mission and this is why Guandong has the capability to constantly research new solutions, to define products specifications, to search the most equipped manufacturing facilities worldwide and to give customers and partners advice for the choice of the best suited media for their needs.

Guandong one-to-one approach contributes to make stable and strengthen the relationships with customers and partners.  

The natural evolution of Guandong business model is the sale of branded products: a new commercial strategy founded on the careful selection of official distributors which gain the exclusive right to sell Guandong branded media in specific areas.




In cooperation with professors and researchers of Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), Guandong has created a new multimedia and dynamic website.

The website has been studied and developed thanks to the support of Nutcracker and of its professionals: Giuliano Noci, full professor of marketing at Politecnico di Milano and vice rector for  the Chinese campus of Politecnico di Milano, and Andrea Boaretto, Head of Marketing Projects of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and professor of multichannel Marketing at MIP Politecnico di Milano.

In cooperation with Pinkommunication, Guandong is developing a connections network with the main European web-portal related to visual communication and digital printing sector, in order to convey real-time to the market all technical and product news.


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