Direct import

Guandong, besides providing goods directly from its warehouses, offers to customers and partners a Direct Import service, that is direct import of full container from the place of production to the final destination.

Guandong is able to handle the shipping of full container (20’/40’) all over the world, according to the trade terms set by Incoterms 2010 (International Commercial Terms), such as DAP, DDP, CIF and EXW, providing quotations and dealing with cntr loading, handling all customs regulations and practices and coordinating the delivery of the cntr to the final destination.

Those who benefit of this service are guaranteed to receive a product with constant quality and they have also the chance to personalize the product in terms of sizes, colors, thickness, quantity and special packaging. And for urgent needs, whilst waiting for the delivery of the container, they have the priority in obtaining supplies from Guandong warehouse, quickly getting what they need.


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