Midsummer Flower Press Lunch!
Guandong press meeting at Potafiori

Guandong yearly summer press meeting was celebrated among flowers, good food and genuine feelings.

Immersed in the evocative setting of Potafiori, a Milanese bistrot with an unique calling for botanics, Guandong gathered the press for the usual summery briefing, arranging such a perfect stage to share ideas and projects, to display and demonstrate new products and, at last, to firmly restate all the former objectives and announce the audience new ones: to widen the share of Digital Market and trace the new trends of In-store Promotion.


Edoardo Elmi and Daniele Faoro speechs beat so loudly on this focus: light will become the true protagonist of point of sales thanks to Guandong new materials, specifically designed for indoor backlighting. Enlighten shops and ambiences through highly impacting and easily replaceable imagery without any professional aid is a crucial turning point of the new path undertaken by the company, which is also flanked by the already acknowledged concept of Spot Déco, inexhaustible source of new ideas for on-the-fly advertising within everyone's reach.

Everything was wisely channeled through a lively floral composition workshop, led by the irresistible verve of the flower-vocalist Rosalba Piccinni, who was the beating heart and mind of the location. She warmly wrapped all the people in a comfortable hug made of fragrance, liking and voice.


An unforgettable, convivial day with which Guandong wished everyone a relaxing summertime to restore, recharge and look forward to the forthcoming, decisive exhibitions!


Click here to view the shots taken during the event!

For further information about Potafiori browse the website www.potafiori.com