We have defeated bubbles!

How important is for you to not wasting your time?
It does also matter to the end-user, who must be enabled to advertise on a regular basis and above all without any professional aid.

Make it possible with:


The 100% green product, that keeps stable forever.

PLUS: No bubbles, no warping, no shrinkage, 624000 dots/sqm to ensure an effortless application.
Designed for indoor and outdoor use.


For the fast decoration of show rooms and retails.

PLUS: Bubble-free, easy to peel off, and to be printed and to cut with any large-format equipment.
Designed for indoor use.


Guandong suggests: keep this Highlight series swatch safe into your Redbook. This way you can take it wherever you need, along with the other catalogues!

For further information, please contact us at salescare@guandong.eu