Textile Collection


Download the Textile Collection catalogueTEXTILE COLLECTION is a completely renewed range, developed to be suitable for Eco-solvent, Latex and UV curable inks and it splits into the following lines:

Cotton Canvas products keep not only the softness and the original “cotton-touch” of the raw material, but, at the same time, it has also a very high tensile strength as well as a good dimensional stability, which are not so common in canvas for fine art. The brand new ART Canvas Natural Back (warm white), on the other side, is just perfect for fine art and painting applications.

Polyester Canvas, thanks to its yarn, grants a good abrasion resistance, an unrivalled dimensional stability and a low liquid-absorbing level, ideal for long-term exposure to high-humidity conditions.

A whole array of textiles for backlighting that timely answers to the increasing request of in-store promotion to enlighten through imagery, guaranteeing a fast raplacement of them, even by non-professional personnel.

Fabrics for flags and structures to face all technical needs, suitable for any kind of ink technology.

A polyhedric ensemble of specialities to deal with tangible demands like sustainability, interior decoration and outfitting.


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