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Well, we don’t care much, since we know the media makes the real difference!
The new Ferro PP (Polypropilene) is specifically designed and produced to address the market of industrial large format UV/LATEX printing.

Here is why Ferro PP for UV and Latex is the choice of those who print big:


+ PRODUCTIVITY with 50 meter long rolls (+20 meters compared to standard rolls).


How important is for you to not wasting your time?
It does also matter to the end-user, who must be enabled to advertise on a regular basis and above all without any professional aid.

Make it possible with:


The complete range of digital media for anti-slip floor graphics application, for printing and lamination

We all look downwards nowadays, there’s no escape from this.
Every media agency is aware of this state of facts and will soon ask you:



Wien from 4th to 6th April 2017

Selected printers, selected operators, selected partners and suppliers: Xfair 2017 will gather nothing but the best to offer the audience a solid and benchmarking experience of the current European scene of Printing.


Guandong and its well-established Austrian partner Kalle Repromedia will team up, to reconfirm their acknowledged presence in the Market and to catch fresh opportunities of new business.


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